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“Andy Lakey Angel” Custom Watch :: Design produced for Charity in collaboration with the artist

Steve Soffa:
“I was very honored to be chosen to be the first artist and designer to collaborate on a very innovative project with artist Andy Lakey. He was well known for his beautiful work creating Angels and adored by thousands of collectors. He was the most prolific artist in Japan, yet lived a quiet community in Southern California. One day he said to me, ‘Steve, my collectors all around the world embrace my Angels, and each person sees something unique in each one of them… you are the only one that I know and trust that can make my Angels fly timelessly.’

The Angel custom watch was a design produced in collaboration with artist Andy, whose 3 paintings shown became backgrounds for the watch art. He and I worked together in his studio for over a year and while his unfortunate departure from this life ceased our work on this project, I know there are Angels watching over him.”




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