Custom Bracelets Designed by Steve Soffa

These collectors created a personalized piece of jewelry with a personal meaning. Working with master artisan Steve Soffa, each has created their own timeless Collector's piece to memorialize. Some began with a piece of art or artifact from their history (i.e, classic car, motorcycle art, a tattoo, etc.) and created their own unique keepsake that has a backstory and can be handed down for generations!

“WSOP 2010” Championship Custom Bracelet

“WSOP 2010” Championship Custom Bracelet

Steve Soffa: “In 2010, the World Series Of Poker decided that the WSOP Championship bracelet design would be awarded to me. I was chosen to design and manufacture the entire set of bracelets.” BRACELET VIEWS & WINNERS WSOP Money Shot-MainEventBracelet-1 WSOP Bracelet Winners - WSOP_5542 WSOP Bracelet Winners - WSOP WSOP Bracelet 2010 - 0708121255a WSOP Bracelet_Money_7945 WSOP Bracelet - WSOP 3 WSOP Beauty Shot_MG_2328 WSOP... Read More

“Lion” Pendant & Bracelet :: Finished Wax Carving

“Lion” Pendant & Bracelet

Finished Wax Carving

Steve Soffa: “The Lion wax carvings show the intricacies of how we create each design. This is no easy task and the synergy between myself and my Master Craftsman comes into play when we create the ultimate designs in stunning detail. Once finished, this piece will be cast in solid gold.” THE PROCESS Lion Bracelet Wax-wax carving showing head and paws Lion Bracelet Wax-wax carvings bracelet side view 2 Lion Pendant Wax-photo Lion Pendant Wax-Lion_Back Lion... Read More

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