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“Viking” Custom Medallion :: Inspired by Collector’s Motorcyle Helmet Art

Steve Soffa:“Upon meeting this collector on a cruise line where I was exhibiting my new pieces, I discovered he has a true passion for the Viking. (How remarkable then, that we met at sea.) He wanted me to come up with a concept that incorporated his fervor for the Viking, and so he sent me one of his own motorcycle helmets, which he had custom airbrushed. From here, I designed an incredible pendant; the piece was completed in stages with the back plate hand-carved first, and […]

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“Venetian” Custom Necklace

Steve Soffa:“As a birthday gift, this collector was planning a surprise party on a ship for his wonderful wife. The theme of the party: “Masquerade”. Since this was to be a surprise, both myself and my collector had to work in secrecy with regards to design and production stages of this work. I sketched out a concept, and then we went forward with the wax carving, to create a vintage pendant with matching earrings. The concept of the pendant was […]

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“Lion” Pendant & Bracelet :: Finished Wax Carving

Steve Soffa:“The Lion wax carvings show the intricacies of how we create each design. This is no easy task and the synergy between myself and my Master Craftsman comes into play when we create the ultimate designs in stunning detail. Once finished, this piece will be cast in solid gold.” CASE STUDY

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