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“Venetian” Custom Necklace

Steve Soffa:
“As a birthday gift, this collector was planning a surprise party on a ship for his wonderful wife. The theme of the party: “Masquerade”. Since this was to be a surprise, both myself and my collector had to work in secrecy with regards to design and production stages of this work. I sketched out a concept, and then we went forward with the wax carving, to create a vintage pendant with matching earrings. The concept of the pendant was to make it resemble a vintage mirror with invisible set diamonds. The frame of the mirror is crafted in yellow gold, with meticulously placed colored stones such as the sapphires which accent this magnificent keepsake. The mask on top of the mirror would represent when a person looks in the mirror. As sometimes we all like to disguise ourselves and get lost in the moment.
Once we were finished, a plane was chartered for me to arrive and present this timeless gift of royalty at the party on the ship.”




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