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“Spec Ops” Custom Ring & Dog Tag Set

Steve Soffa:“The owner of these pieces started to purchase my art works years ago. Our relationship has since flourished, and working together is always fun as the projects are very detailed. The “Spec Ops” ring and dog tag spawned from his speed boats and team logo. These pieces were crafted in an array of gold and designing the ring in different gold colors brought it to life. From there, we finished a beautiful 9-ounce solid gold bracelet. Each part of this […]

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“Kitty, Jodi & Amanda” Custom Dog Tags

Steve Soffa:“A very sentimental project. This collector wanted to enshrine her children in her own special way by creating beautiful dog tags that would sit side by side when worn. Because this collector had a love for the diamond shape, I designed two diamond dog tags that are distinctly different in the stone setting colors that represent each daughter. You may also notice the small emblem with numbers on them. These numbers represent the month and day each daughter was born. […]

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“Players” Custom Dogtags

Steve Soffa:“As the designer of the WSOP bracelets, I also caught the attention of the Women’s Poker industry. I was commissioned by Womens Poker to design a collection that would appeal to the women’s poker lifestyle. These amazing pieces were designed to be crafted in either sterling silver or 14KT gold, contingent upon the desire of its owner.” CASE STUDY

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