Warranty & Repair Info – Steve Soffa

Warranty & Repair Info

Should your watch require servicing; return the watch along with a description of the problem on the warranty card directly to:

Steve Soffa Enterprises LLC
6130 W. Flamingo Rd. #369
Las Vegas NV, 89103

Include $49.95 (or the amount specified by our factory) to cover handling, postage and insurance charges back to the original owner. It also covers checking in your watch to our data base and original assessments made by our technical team. The 49.95 is non-refundable. Make all checks payable to Steve Soffa Enterprises. If service is not covered by this warranty because of owner’s negligence, accident or abuse, we will submit an estimate of charges before processing. Steve Soffa Enterprises LLC products disclaims any liability for incidental or consequential damages arising from failure or malfunction of the watch, and at no time can recovery be greater than the original purchase price. In case of a failure to informally resolve any dispute between the company and the original owner, such dispute shall be resolved by arbitration in the civil court in the City of Las Vegas NV, by and pursuant to the rules pertaining within. This warranty gives you specific rights which apply to your state or country.


  1. Do not return this watch to your local retailer.
  2. Return to: Steve Soffa Enterprises LLC., 6130 W. Flamingo Rd., #369, Las Vegas NV, 89103 .
  3. Pack carefully, cushioning the watch in soft packaging material.
  4. Enclose completed warranty form and $49.95 in a check or money order only. Do not send cash
  5. Do not send watch in its original gift box, since gift boxes cannot be returned.
  6. Print all information legibly on the warranty form and be sure to put your return address on the outside of the package. If you do not have your warranty form, please write all your information and issues you are having with your watch on a piece of paper. Please include all of your contact information, along with a contact phone number and area code, complete shipping address and zip code, and email address. We must have a current email address to send you a updates and to inform you that your piece arrived.

You may purchase merchandise from this Web site by using any one of the payment options listed in (link to Payment Options). Steve Soffa Enterprises LLC reserves the right to change its payment procedures at any time without prior notice to you. All purchases are final sale. Any returns are at the discretion of Steve Soffa Enterprises LLC, either credits can be issued or a 20% restocking fee will apply. No refunds will apply towards shipping costs.
Any Steve Soffa designs to be exchanged must be returned in their original packaging in a “new and unused state”, with proper tags intact and accompanied by all materials and documents included on delivery (notably the guarantee card and any accessories provided with the artists design). All the original protective covers and labeling must be attached, together with the duly completed delivery slip and exchange sheet.
Gifts may be exchanged. If you are a Gift recipient, you can exchange your gift for a design of an identical or higher price (in the latter case, you will be charged the additional amount). In the case where the art piece is a limited or special edition design, any exchange will be at the discretion of Steve Soffa Enterprises LLC. Designs may only be exchanged for items of a lower price when rings, watches and bracelets are changed for a different size. These exchanges are limited to items which are in stock and of the same model: only the purchaser will be credited with the price difference.