Custom Works Designed by Steve Soffa

These collectors created a personalized piece of jewelry with a personal meaning. Working with master artisan Steve Soffa, each has created their own timeless Collector's piece to memorialize. Some began with a piece of art or artifact from their history (i.e, classic car, motorcycle art, a tattoo, etc.) and created their own unique keepsake that has a backstory and can be handed down for generations!

“WSOP 2010” Championship Custom Bracelet

“WSOP 2010” Championship Custom Bracelet

Steve Soffa: “In 2010, the World Series Of Poker decided that the WSOP Championship bracelet design would be awarded to me. I was chosen to design and manufacture the entire set of bracelets.” BRACELET VIEWS & WINNERS WSOP Money Shot-MainEventBracelet-1 WSOP Bracelet Winners - WSOP_5542 WSOP Bracelet Winners - WSOP WSOP Bracelet 2010 - 0708121255a WSOP Bracelet_Money_7945 WSOP Bracelet - WSOP 3 WSOP Beauty Shot_MG_2328 WSOP... Read More

“SSE1100” Custom Watch :: Design Inspired by Collector’s SS Bike

“SSE1100” Custom Watch

Design Inspired by Collector’s SS Bike

Steve Soffa: “I created a custom timepiece for this gentleman (Brian) who wanted a watch that symbolized this SS bike. This was a very sentimental piece.  This bike was built to pay tribute to his friend that lost the battle to cancer. It was built to mirror his 1970 SS Chevelle muscle car, for which he did a phenomenal job. This customized watch began with a pair of photographs he provided me of the tank art (1st and 2nd) and, shown 3rd, its finished creation as a... Read More

“Bermani Jester” Custom Watch

“Bermani Jester” Custom Watch

Steve Soffa: “I received a phone call from a collector of mine named Terry who wanted to create a collectable timepiece for her son Paul; soon to be graduating from college. Paul is a fine air brush artist and his art and style are unique. After brainstorming for a while, I came up with some ideas that lent themselves to her sonʼs artwork, as well as a timepiece design that suited his lifestyle. I asked Terry to send me his most recent artwork; a piece that he really... Read More

“1970 SS Camaro” Custom Watch

“1970 SS Camaro” Custom Watch

Steve Soffa: “Master auto builder P.J. Davis was building his dream car from the frame up, and wanted to create a special edition timepiece to commemorate this personal concept car. He phoned and commissioned us to design a special timepiece to memorialize this special edition 1970 Camaro.” THE PROCESS (1) The Inspiration: Collector's 1970 SS Camaro (2) The Design: 1970 SS Camaro Watch in Leather Strap (3) The Design: 1970 SS Camaro in Stainless Steel (4)... Read More

“1950 Chevy” Custom Watch & Dog Tag Set

“1950 Chevy” Custom Watch & Dog Tag Set

Steve Soffa: “As an avid muscle car fan, I have had my own eye set on this 1950 Chevy truck. This truck has character and brings back that nostalgic look beautifully. I wanted to design pieces that reminded me of how cool the 1950’s were. So stay tuned for the final design of my special edition truck.” THE PROCESS (1) The inspiration: Collector's 1950 Chevy (2) The Design: 1950 Chevy Dogtag (3) The Design: 1950 Chevy... Read More

“Wizard” Custom Watch :: Design based on Collector’s Body Art

“Wizard” Custom Watch

Design based on Collector’s Body Art

Steve Soffa: “The Wizard” began as a body tattoo on the collector’s leg… One of my long-time collectors decided to get this Wizard tattoo on his calf, at the Sturgis bike rally. When he showed me, his creativity immediately flowed and he got excited about the possibilities. I reminded him that this artistic tattoo has now become an important part of his personal brand… so let’s keep building on that and create a magnificent timepiece that... Read More

“Suicide King Chopper” Customized Motorcycle Design

“Suicide King Chopper” Customized Motorcycle Design

Steve Soffa: “Designing the Suicide King Chopper was one of my personal ‘pet’ projects. I wanted to design a chopper that was all about the art. First came the Suicide King timepiece, which received accolades and awards, and became the official watch of the 2010 World Series of Poker as well as capturing the attention of the most discerning of collectors. I took all the key art elements of the King, and designed “a bike that royalty would... Read More

“Flaming Diamond” Custom Ring

“Flaming Diamond” Custom Ring

Steve Soffa: “This piece is designed to capture flames over diamonds and focusing on the center stone. This piece is crafted in 18KT white and rose gold, along with miniature skulls surrounding the center stone from the artwork ‘Lost Skulls.'” THE PROCESS (1) "Flaming Diamond" Custom Ring - Front View (2) "Flaming Diamond" Custom Ring - Side... Read More

“Shane” Custom Watch :: Specialty Design

“Shane” Custom Watch

Specialty Design

Steve Soffa: “For this one, my collector asked me to design him an over-the-top watch, housing precious stones accompanied by a Swiss Tourbillon movement as well as other complicated movements…” THE PROCESS Watch-Shane Presentation-Layout2c-4 Watch-Shane Presentation-Layout2-6 Watch-Shane... Read More

“The Mission Continues” Custom Watch :: for Charity Mission

“The Mission Continues” Custom Watch

for Charity Mission

Steve Soffa: “Another one of collector PJ Davis’s muscle cars was designed and built for a private collector of his own. His collector then called Davis and wanted to donate his car to a military charity.  As a former crew member of the U.S. Coast guard Davis was compelled him to help out.  Having ties with a former crew member who was personally aided by “The Mission Continues” charity was therefore an easy choice for Davis to choose this particular... Read More

“Kate” Custom Watch :: Design inspired by Collector’s Classic Car

“Kate” Custom Watch

Design inspired by Collector’s Classic Car

Steve Soffa: “Master auto builder P.J. Davis designed an amazing 1932 roadster  for Major league baseball’s Cy Young Award-winner Roy “Doc” Halliday.  Davis  named the 1932 roadster  “Kate,” which dated back to days of the Old West, in which the real “Doc” Holliday’s girlfriend’s name was Kate. When Davis was approached for this project he rendered a blueprint of what it would look like.  With asked me to work... Read More

“Anniversary” Custom Watch :: Design from Heirloom Photograph

“Anniversary” Custom Watch

Design from Heirloom Photograph

Steve Soffa: “This all began with an heirloom photo showing a young couple, taken near the beginning of the 20th century. The children of the couple in the photo had met me at one of my exhibitions and wanted to design an heirloom that would memorialize their parents as they appeared in this photo. The only thing they still had was a photograph taken in the early 1900’s of their great grand parents. To keep with the early 1900’s I designed a super thin,... Read More

“Andy Lakey Angel” Custom Watch :: Design produced for Charity in collaboration with the artist

“Andy Lakey Angel” Custom Watch

Design produced for Charity in collaboration with the artist

Steve Soffa: “I was very honored to be chosen to be the first artist and designer to collaborate on a very innovative project with artist Andy Lakey. He was well known for his beautiful work creating Angels and adored by thousands of collectors. He was the most prolific artist in Japan, yet lived a quiet community in Southern California. One day he said to me, ‘Steve, my collectors all around the world embrace my Angels, and each person sees something unique in each... Read More

“Aces” Custom Watch :: Design inspired by Chopper Art

“Aces” Custom Watch

Design inspired by Chopper Art

Steve Soffa: “I have designed several custom pieces for this long-time collector, and the most recent art piece was to pay tribute to the artwork he had designed for his custom chopper. Every aspect of his artwork on the gas tank was drawn again to scale in proportion to a watch dial. This dial was cast in four dimensions combined with beautiful colors that were inlayed.” THE PROCESS (1) The Inspiration: "Aces" Custom artwork on collector's... Read More

“Viking” Custom Medallion :: Inspired by Collector’s Motorcyle Helmet Art

“Viking” Custom Medallion

Inspired by Collector’s Motorcyle Helmet Art

Steve Soffa: “Upon meeting this collector on a cruise line where I was exhibiting my new pieces, I discovered he has a true passion for the Viking. (How remarkable then, that we met at sea.) He wanted me to come up with a concept that incorporated his fervor for the Viking, and so he sent me one of his own motorcycle helmets, which he had custom airbrushed. From here, I designed an incredible pendant; the piece was completed in stages with the back plate hand-carved... Read More

“Spec Ops” Custom Ring & Dog Tag Set

“Spec Ops” Custom Ring & Dog Tag Set

Steve Soffa: “The owner of these pieces started to purchase my art works years ago. Our relationship has since flourished, and working together is always fun as the projects are very detailed. The “Spec Ops” ring and dog tag spawned from his speed boats and team logo. These pieces were crafted in an array of gold and designing the ring in different gold colors brought it to life. From there, we finished a beautiful 9-ounce solid gold bracelet. Each part of... Read More

“Skull King” Custom Ring :: (RG1050)

“Skull King” Custom Ring


Steve Soffa: “A custom ring in white gold, rose gold with white diamonds. This piece I designed to correlate with the Suicide King timepiece, with a bit more edge than the original Suicide King ring I designed. The Skull King is finished in White and Rose Gold with original artwork stemming from the King. And one of my signature details is the King in rose gold fused in the gallery of the ring along with a continuation at the bottom of the shank itself.” THE... Read More

“Lost Skulls” Custom Ring :: (CR9200LS)

“Lost Skulls” Custom Ring


Steve Soffa: “Mark Bradshaw, owner of the Hideaway Bar in Cave Creek, AZ and bike enthusiast, wanted to me design him a custom piece using a European cut center stone that was left to him as an heirloom. He wanted a sleek design that would showcase this beautiful stone with a bit of edge for his own unique personality and lifestyle. This piece is designed in Platinum with white gold miniature skulls. The eyes are housed with blood red rubies set to perfection. This... Read More

“Venetian” Custom Necklace

“Venetian” Custom Necklace

Steve Soffa: “As a birthday gift, this collector was planning a surprise party on a ship for his wonderful wife. The theme of the party: “Masquerade”. Since this was to be a surprise, both myself and my collector had to work in secrecy with regards to design and production stages of this work. I sketched out a concept, and then we went forward with the wax carving, to create a vintage pendant with matching earrings. The concept of the pendant was to make it resemble a... Read More

“Kitty, Jodi & Amanda” Custom Dog Tags

“Kitty, Jodi & Amanda” Custom Dog Tags

Steve Soffa: “A very sentimental project. This collector wanted to enshrine her children in her own special way by creating beautiful dog tags that would sit side by side when worn. Because this collector had a love for the diamond shape, I designed two diamond dog tags that are distinctly different in the stone setting colors that represent each daughter. You may also notice the small emblem with numbers on them. These numbers represent the month and day each... Read More

“Hot Rod Skull” Custom Shifter Knob

“Hot Rod Skull” Custom Shifter Knob

Steve Soffa: “Being around custom muscle car builders all my life, I designed this two-piece shifter knob in sterling silver. First, the piece had to be carved by hand in wax, then I designed it with a universal thread to fit on to a manual shifter knob. ” THE PROCESS "Hot Rod Skull" Shifter Knob "Hot Rod Skull" Shifter Knob "Hot Rod Skull" Shifter... Read More

“The Chiropractor” Custom Gun Grip

“The Chiropractor” Custom Gun Grip

Steve Soffa: “An avid gun collector and enthusiast, one of my top collectors wanted me to design a piece that would set his 1911 firearm apart from others and truly make it his own collector’s piece. Wanting to push the envelope, I sent him a concept to create a custom gun grip. My collector being a chiropractor and appreciating the human skeletal anatomy, I thought it appropriate to design his gun grips that reflected his lifestyle — you will most likely... Read More

“Players” Custom Dogtags

“Players” Custom Dogtags

Steve Soffa: “As the designer of the WSOP bracelets, I also caught the attention of the Women’s Poker industry. I was commissioned by Womens Poker to design a collection that would appeal to the women’s poker lifestyle. These amazing pieces were designed to be crafted in either sterling silver or 14KT gold, contingent upon the desire of its owner.” THE PROCESS (1) The inspiration: "Players" Dogtag Sketch Detail (2a) "Players" Dogtag Digital... Read More

“Lion” Pendant & Bracelet :: Finished Wax Carving

“Lion” Pendant & Bracelet

Finished Wax Carving

Steve Soffa: “The Lion wax carvings show the intricacies of how we create each design. This is no easy task and the synergy between myself and my Master Craftsman comes into play when we create the ultimate designs in stunning detail. Once finished, this piece will be cast in solid gold.” THE PROCESS Lion Bracelet Wax-wax carving showing head and paws Lion Bracelet Wax-wax carvings bracelet side view 2 Lion Pendant Wax-photo Lion Pendant Wax-Lion_Back Lion... Read More

“Sun” Custom Watch :: Design Inspired by Corporate Logo

“Sun” Custom Watch

Design Inspired by Corporate Logo

Steve Soffa: “One of my long time collectors, Tony, owns over 15 unique timepieces made by me, and now wanted to design a timepiece in which his corporate brand could be the focus. A beautiful stainless steel timepiece was selected to bring out the bright colors of his artwork, and raising the sun in three dimensions added a special touch.” THE PROCESS Watch-Tony custom source art... Read More

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