Custom Rings Designed by Steve Soffa

These collectors created a personalized piece of jewelry with a personal meaning. Working with master artisan Steve Soffa, each has created their own timeless Collector's piece to memorialize. Some began with a piece of art or artifact from their history (i.e, classic car, motorcycle art, a tattoo, etc.) and created their own unique keepsake that has a backstory and can be handed down for generations!

“Flaming Diamond” Custom Ring

“Flaming Diamond” Custom Ring

Steve Soffa: “This piece is designed to capture flames over diamonds and focusing on the center stone. This piece is crafted in 18KT white and rose gold, along with miniature skulls surrounding the center stone from the artwork ‘Lost Skulls.'” THE PROCESS (1) "Flaming Diamond" Custom Ring - Front View (2) "Flaming Diamond" Custom Ring - Side... Read More

“Spec Ops” Custom Ring & Dog Tag Set

“Spec Ops” Custom Ring & Dog Tag Set

Steve Soffa: “The owner of these pieces started to purchase my art works years ago. Our relationship has since flourished, and working together is always fun as the projects are very detailed. The “Spec Ops” ring and dog tag spawned from his speed boats and team logo. These pieces were crafted in an array of gold and designing the ring in different gold colors brought it to life. From there, we finished a beautiful 9-ounce solid gold bracelet. Each part of... Read More

“Skull King” Custom Ring :: (RG1050)

“Skull King” Custom Ring


Steve Soffa: “A custom ring in white gold, rose gold with white diamonds. This piece I designed to correlate with the Suicide King timepiece, with a bit more edge than the original Suicide King ring I designed. The Skull King is finished in White and Rose Gold with original artwork stemming from the King. And one of my signature details is the King in rose gold fused in the gallery of the ring along with a continuation at the bottom of the shank itself.” THE... Read More

“Lost Skulls” Custom Ring :: (CR9200LS)

“Lost Skulls” Custom Ring


Steve Soffa: “Mark Bradshaw, owner of the Hideaway Bar in Cave Creek, AZ and bike enthusiast, wanted to me design him a custom piece using a European cut center stone that was left to him as an heirloom. He wanted a sleek design that would showcase this beautiful stone with a bit of edge for his own unique personality and lifestyle. This piece is designed in Platinum with white gold miniature skulls. The eyes are housed with blood red rubies set to perfection. This... Read More

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