Customer For Life Program

I would like to personally thank you for your continued support. I have launched a new program called Customer for Life. Learn about it here:

This program enables you to keep collecting and enjoying all my timepieces and rewards you at the same time.

The program is easy and will absolutely blow your mind.

When you purchase a Hardcore Watch, Artistry in Time, Vintage Collection or Signature Series timepiece you earn dollar for dollar that can be used towards any watch of greater value in my line.

Here is how the program works.

In order to use your full credit you must purchase a timepiece that is 2.5 times greater value. However, you can still use your credit towards an upgrade of any timepiece that is not 2.5 times the value of your original purchase as well.

Example at 2.5 times value:

If you originally purchased a timepiece that was $500.00 you can choose any timepiece in my line that is at least $1250.00 or more.

So, to make it easy, if you want to collect that $1250.00 timepiece, I credit you the original $500.00 that you spent, and your new $1250.00 timepiece now only cost you $750.00!

Here is the best part of the program; You get to keep your original timepiece! That’s right, I want you to keep collecting my works of art, and this is my way of giving back to you.

Now remember, in the above example you paid out of pocket $750.00. Now you have $750.00 in credit for your next upgrade.

So, any monies that you spend out of your pocket automatically becomes your new credit!

I know, it’s an amazing program!

Example 2: Using partial Credit-

Let’s say you purchased a timepiece back in 2007 for $300.00, but the new timepiece you want is $500.00. You would then receive $200.00 credit towards the $500.00. So, anytime your credit is not 2.5 times value, always divide the 2.5 in to the largest number.

Another example- You have a $500.00 credit and you want a timepiece that is $750.00. Just take 2.5 and divide it in to $750.00, this equals $300.00 in credit, and this timepiece would cost you $450.00 out of pocket.

So no matter what, you will always get the financial benefit of being a collector and a true Customer for Life.

Start growing your collection or use your credit to buy a gift for someone.

For more information and placing your orders, please email us at – Sales @ Steve Soffa .com and a sales representative will contact you. Or simply fill out the form here to join:

Thank you for your continued support.

Steve Soffa
Steve Soffa Enterprises
HCW/Artistry In Time
P: 702-248-1922

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