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Black Obsidian Skull Sculpture :: with Brass

Model No. SCU9060-BR


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2 lbs. 13.86 oz. of Brass
20LBS Black Obsidian Stone


For many years I have been captivated by the beauty and power of stones. I have always been the type of artist that realized every effort I make with my vision can be transformed in to reality. Every piece of art is unique and takes on its own personality. Years ago I started sculpting ceramic figures, and used sculpting as a form of relaxation and decompression. Three years ago I designed a life like skull out of stone that originated from my award winning timepiece Lost Skulls. I was so entrenched with my fine art in timepieces and jewelry, that I put my stone project aside.

At the end of 2012 my vision reached new heights and I wanted to focus on the Lost Skulls stone project again. If Lost Skulls was to be perfect, it had to be life like in size and the stone selection had to be spot on. Based on the mythology of Lost Skulls, the stone had to be dark, mysterious and very powerful. Months of research and considering many fine stones, I finally came up with a distinctive stone… Black Obsidian! It was perfect. It is a stone that had been revered by ancient cultures.

While I thought the challenge was over, it was really just the beginning. In order to find a stone of the size I needed, I had to find it. After months of searching and hundreds of miles traveling by car to inspect stones of proper weight and size, I came up empty. Now, motivated more than ever, I contacted a fellow artist of mine who then connected me with a collector of his that happened to be a geologist. This was great news, but he was in South Africa at the time on an expedition. I was able to reach out to him via email; however since he was in remote areas I received a response three weeks later. He did respond and referred me over to a colleague of his that was a petrologist (the study of rocks). After speaking with the Petrologist, he gave me the direction I needed to find the right stones for my carving.

In 2013, I travelled to the Caribbean islands and met with a few geologists. We discussed stones as well as how I wanted to develop this piece of art. Each one agreed that Black Obsidian was a good choice with regards to shaping, and its black glassy luster will give it the overall look that I envisioned. I was so excited to get started and that I finally found the right individuals to assist me.

Well, I thought I found the right ones. Needless to say, the stones that I was looking for were not readily available. After a week in the Caribbean, knocking on doors and many phone calls, I met a man that was willing to take me where I could find the large stones I was looking for as well as helping me in the shaping and contouring process.

The next day, we packed up and headed for a four hour journey through the mountains in the Caribbean. We spent two days and came up with pieces that would be perfect for the structures I wanted to create. After months of shaping, carving and many unique additions, my new ART IN STONE now comes to life. These pieces take time, devotion and lots of love. Each piece is limited edition and carry’s an amazing story.

Enjoy my ART IN STONE.

Steve Soffa

2 lbs. 13.86 oz Brass
19 lbs. 13.47 oz. Black Stone

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